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The Helping Hands of A Miami, Florida Professional Business Coach

This is the era in which everyone prefers having their own company or their own business. Most of the exciting minds today don’t want to be imprisoned by working for someone else. They want to have their own power and authority, and they can have it only by starting their own business.

This is a fast-growing tendency, especially amongst the youth. Therefore, there arises the role of professional business coaching. When it comes to starting one’s own business, it pays to be professionally coached by an expert or a group of experts.

Many businesses in Miami, Florida are led by business coaches that mainly focus on improving productivity, encouraging the teaching of new skills, and to improve the overall performance of the businesses. The client and coach agree on a set of goals that are to be achieved throughout the business coaching process.

The coach then formulates a set of strategies to achieve the agreed upon goals. The coach can meet clients online at a pre-arranged time. The coach can also arrange an in-person meeting with clients and travel to the various locations where his services are required.

Business Coaching Process

For a client to get the best out of the coaching process, every business coach needs to follow certain steps that establish trust, open up communication, set goals together with the client and work towards achieving the set goals.

The typical Miami, Florida Business Coaching process is as follows:

-The first step involves the coach acknowledging and understanding the needs of the client.

-Establish coachability by ensuring that the client is receptive to your coaching and taking the necessary steps to change the mindset of the client. This is only achieved by establishing trust and intimacy with the client.

-Set-up a contract that will govern the coaching process, detailing what is covered in the coaching process and how much the client has to pay in terms of fees.

-Make a complete assessment of the business before coaching a client and ensure that you fully understand how the business operates and find ways of improving the productivity of the employee through the coaching process.

-Make a point of continuously tracking the numbers or goals and working towards improving the performance of the client within the organization. This will also involve reviewing progress made against the goals set when the coaching process began.

-As the business coach, you need to be continuously requesting feedback from the client. This feedback can be very valuable when improving the relationship and performance.

Since business owners enjoy the affordability of team coaching sessions, it is important to make the necessary arrangements and agree with the client before beginning the coaching process.

Due to the speed, accuracy and instant feedback that the internet provides, many Business Coaches now prefer rendering their services through the internet, and the client can choose either to use e-mail coaching, instant messaging or visual communication using the video calling feature offered by such services as Skype.

This form of coaching has made it possible for a business coach based in Miami, Florida to be able to offer his services to clients situated around the world, without having to travel long distances and arrange in-person meetings with the clients.


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