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How to Increase Visits to Your Miami Business Website

Most people nowadays use the Internet to search for local businesses. In fact, the data shows 97% of people do this, and then 70% of those searches will result in a visit to the local business. The problem is that most people (92%) will choose a business on the first page of the search results. If your Miami, Florida business isn’t paying attention to local search engine optimization, you are missing out. Big time.

Use Business Listings

If your business website isn’t near the top of the search results, don’t worry, there are things which can be done to quickly turn things around. For example, most businesses in Miami haven’t even claimed their business listing with Google. Claiming your business listing is easy and can have a dramatic effect on your local search visibility.

To claim your business listing all you need to do is go to google.com/business and fill in your company’s details. They will use these details to confirm your address by sending you a card to complete the registration.

When you apply to get your company’s listing, make sure the details you use match those that can be found elsewhere on the Internet. If you have incorrect or out of date address details floating around online, this can reduce the effectiveness of your local SEO efforts.

The search engine uses mentions of your business to correctly serve details of your company to people searching in Miami. If there is contradictory information about your location, the algorithm doesn’t know which is correct and your website won’t find its way to the top of the results.

It is even more likely that your business won’t have claimed a listing with Bing. Some 82% of business listings go unclaimed on the Bing search engine. Of course, this search engine isn’t as popular, but it is a free and easy thing to do to promote your business. So why not get registered on Bing too?

Pay Attention to Keywords

Once you’ve claimed your listings the next thing to do is to research your keywords. People normally add their location to the search when they want a local business. For example, if someone has a leaking pipe in their bathroom they might search ‘plumber Miami’. You need to optimize your website to account for these sort of search terms if you want to increase business.

Encourage Reviews

When you search for a local company you will find reviews of that company. If your company doesn’t have any reviews, it doesn’t look good.

Don’t create fake reviews. If your fake review is uncovered by customers it clearly won’t help your company’s reputation.

To get genuine reviews you can simply ask your customers to review you. Give them a few different links to places where they can post a review, this will improve the chances the customer doing it. Try to make sure you only ask customers which you can be certain will be complimentary of your business.

Social Media

You should make sure your company’s social media accounts have your correct address and a link to your website. On Facebook, you should check that your page is marked as a local business. This way, people that visit you can check-in and this will improve your Facebook visibility.

Keep Track of Results

Once you start to improve your Miami search engine visibility, it’s a great idea to monitor the results you get. If you keep a track of your search rankings you will better understand what is working for you and what you need to do to improve further.


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