Read about Allegan and the historic Davis-DeLano House, now DeLano Mansion, our Michigan bed & breakfast inn.

(Genealogy below)

David Doane Davis moved to Allegan in June of 1835, and during the early years of his residence, he followed his trade as carpenter, participating in the building of many early Allegan structures. Later he was engaged as a contractor and spent much of his time involved in many enterprises of considerable importance to the town’s growth. D.D. Davis married Miss Hannah J. Robinson on May 18, 1836, and they became two of the pioneers of Allegan. Being very energetic and industrious, they were highly successful in accumulation of property. Their first home was a log house built where the existing downtown of Allegan stands. In 1863, they built the home which is now the DeLano Inn. D.D. Davis served on various boards in Allegan including the First Baptist Church. D.D. Davis died on December 17, 1871 after having lived a successful, yet unremarkable life, one that was very conservative and well planned.

Hannah Davis was more than an ordinary woman; she possessed deep religious convictions, as well as being thrifty and industriousness. She was very outspoken in her beliefs, and extremely active in advocating various causes. When she died on September 30 1877, the First Baptist Church lost its strongest supporter, and many people lost a friend who had been their source of support. She left her home and estate, valued at more than $60,000, to the church.

The church used the Davis house as a parsonage and as a boarding house between pastors. First Baptist Church sold the parsonage to Mr. Horace B. Peck on September 13, 1884. Mr. Peck was a banker who had owned City Bank of Allegan since 1873, and was involved in several different businesses in town. He held several public offices, including that of village president, but his political views did not rest well with the public. Mr. Peck sold the home to Mr. Chaddock in April of 1890.

Mr. Chaddock ran a small local bank in Allegan till around 1877 or 1878, when he had to close his bank and sell off his property, leaving him virtually penniless at the time of his death some time later. He sold the home in July of 1898 to Hiram and Viola DeLano for just $3,000; yes, only THREE thousand dollars!!

Hiram and Viola DeLano proceeded to sell the home to their son, Earl DeLano. Then, they bought it back, doing this several times, so as to create the appearance that the Allegan State Savings Bank (which the DeLano family owned) was a secure and well-run bank. Hiram DeLano died in 1921 and through some court litigations and sale(s) of the home among family members; Earl DeLano finally retained ownership of what is now the existing property. Earl and his wife, Mignon Sherwood DeLano, owned the home until 1987 when Mignon died, having been preceded in death by her husband, Earl, in 1977.

In 1987, the Ashley family bought the home, renovated it, and ran the home as a bed and breakfast until approximately 1994, when they closed the Inn and later sold the house to Scott and Karen Ehrich. Scott completed the renovations, restoring the house to it's original glory. Then in 2013, Scott sold the Inn to Marcia and Kent Neigebauer, who are retaining the same elegance which Scott had completed.

DeLano Family Genealogy

Earl DeLano. b: Mar 3, 1886 d: Oct 18, 1977

Married Mignon Sherwood DeLano b:? d: 1987

Hiram Aurelius DeLano. b: July 12, 1847 d: 1921

Married Viola Eliza Chaddock b: April 25, 1856 d: 1924

William Smith DeLano. b: Dec 19 1829 in Wayne Co. NY d: Feb 8, 1901 Allegan, Mi.

Married Louise Caroline Skinner b: Dec 17, 1818 d: July 1 1853

Stephen Briggs DeLano Sr. b: Sept 29 in Rochester Ma. d: May 20, 1827 in NY age 32

Married Lydia Smith b: Nov 16, 1799 in Oneida Co. NY d: July 18, 1862 in NY

Jonathon Delano Sr. Cpl b: Oct 28 1756 in Fairhaven, Ma. d: Jan 25 1825 in NY

Married Lydia Briggs b: March 17, 1763 Rochester, Ma. d: Mar 9, 1860 in NY

Nathaniel Delano Jr. Capt. b: Dec. 23, 1728 in Dartmouth, Ma. d: 1818 in Dartmouth

Married Mary West Taber b: Sept. 11, 1731 Dartmouth, Ma. d: about 1772

Nathaniel Delano Sr. b: Oct 29, 1695 in Ma. d: April 8, 1770 in Dartmouth Ma.

Married Elizabeth Durfee b: 1702 in Dartmouth Ma. d: Feb. 18, 1784 in Dartmouth

Jonathon Delano Lt. b: 1647 in Duxbury Ma. d: Dec 23, 1720 in Ma. age 73

Married Mercy Warren b: Feb. 20 1657 or 58 in Ma. d: 1728 in Dartmouth age 70

1689: Lt. Jonathan Delano and Seth Pope are elected Deputies from Dartmouth to Plymouth Court. At other times Delano also holds positions of Surveyor, Constable, and Selectman of Dartmouth. 1675/76: Jonathan Delano serves in the King Philip War under Captain Benjamin Church.

Philippe de Lannoy b: Dec 7 1603 in Nederland d: about 1681 in Ma. age 79

Married Hester Dewsbury b: about 1614 in Duxbury Ma. d: before 1657 in Ma

Phillipe De La Noye (1602 - 1681), son of Jean de Lannoy and Marie le Mahieu, arrives at Plymouth aboard the Fortune. The Fortune was the second pilgrim ship to sail to America. There he lived with his uncle, Francis Cooke, and his cousin, John Cooke, who had arrived in America a year earlier aboard the Mayflower.
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